Maitri Counseling, LLC

Psychotherapy & Immigration Psychosocial Evaluations

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" 
~Anais Nin

Adult Therapy

Are you at a point where feeling stressed, anxious or depressed is more than you want to "keep handling
" on your own?  Is your relationship suffering, hurting or just not flourishing as you want it to be?   Are you ready to get unstuck?

There is hope in every situation, no matter how dark the present moment may be.  You are already making the first movement by seeking help. Feel free to send us a short or a long message to let us know about your situation. Consider calling to schedule a short consultation over the phone to assess your needs and decide if we are suited to serve you. 

                                      Children and Teens

Just as adults,  children and teens may struggle with anxiety, depression, anger or low self-esteem, or may be going through a difficult life adjustment, such as a family divorce, a loss, or a move to another part of town. Some children or teens have experienced a traumatic incident and wish to begin a healing process not knowing how. 

With a combination of individual child sessions, collateral sessions (parents only), and family therapy sessions, your family can begin a journey toward growth and happiness. With children and teens, we utilize talk, art, play and/or movement therapy, whatever the best fit might be for each individual client  ~