Affordable Therapy ~

Money is one of the more complex issues facing clients and therapists and we want to be affordable for you.  We are considered out-of-network providers because we do not accept insurance directly.  This means that you pay for your session at the time of service and a receipt is given to you either at the time of service or on a monthly basis--your choice.  You can then submit these receipts (insurance companies call these Superbills) to your insurance company for partial reimbursement or speak with your accountant regarding the possibility of submitting this medical expense for tax purposes.  Payment can be done by check, cash or credit card.

We offer affordable therapy and our fees are based strictly on time. We do not charge more for couples counseling or family counseling. Most clients find that an hour is sufficient to discuss their needs in a one-on-one session. However, an hour is generally not enough time for a couple or a family to feel heard so we generally recommend 90 minutes  for couples and 2 hours for families. with a discount applied to the additional half-hour or full-hour of service. 

Knowing that the cost of professional services is sometimes prohibited for some individuals, we offer packages that include committing to a certain number of sessions at a reduced fee.  For example, commit to 6-8 weekly sessions to lock a lower base fee, but it all depends on individual/family needs.  We invite you to consider sending us a message or leave a voicemail to schedule a free 10-15 minute telephonic consultation to assess your situation. 

Licensed Clinician Fees

Individual 50-60 minute session: $175

Couple/Family 60-90 minute session: $200-$250

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Intake/session, REQUIRED for new  ART clients (60-80minutes): $180

Accelerated Resolution Therapy 90-120 minute session: $200-$300

Pre-licensed Clinician Fees

Individual 50-60 minute session: $130-$160

Couple/Family 60-90 minute session: $160-175

Additional services fees

Individual 60 minute Student Advocacy consultation: $150

Group 90 minute session: $40

Immigration psycho-social evaluations fees vary per individual case.  Please call for more information:  (916)548-5000 or send us a  message ~

Why is it that we do not accept insurance?

We do not directly accept insurance because companies are looking out for themselves in your session and not for you.  They will attempt to control what is allowed or not allowed in your sessions regardless of what your actual needs are based on clinical judgment.  Your insurance company will periodically audit and review your records likely resulting in my inability to keep your sessions private.  For your information, please note that if you use your health insurance for counseling services, the therapist will be required to diagnose you with a mental illness which becomes part of your health record.  If you have more questions about this, we are happy to discuss this with you personally.  

Questions to ask your Insurance Company  

If you have insurance please consider calling them to ask if you have out-of-network mental health benefits. These are some of the questions you want to ask:

- What is my out-of-network benefit for outpatient mental health?

- Is a pre-authorization for services required?

- What do you need from the therapist  I want to see to  be considered as an acceptable

   out-of-network provider?

- What is the deductible?

- What is the policy year (i.e. Jan 1 - Dec 31)?

- How much of the deductible has been met this year to date?

- What is the co-pay once the deductible has been met?

- Will the company reimburse me or the provider once deductible has been met?

- To what address should the bills be sent?

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss fees or service questions. We look forward to  learning more about how to best meet your needs. 

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you; when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence." ~ Unknown 

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